Chris Winger

Senior Developer for Drupal and WordPress


Chris Winger is a Software Engineer with experience leading distributed teams on-and-offshore on Drupal and WordPress projects of all sizes. He has a proven track record delivering forward-looking solutions for the federal government, major brands and Fortune 500 companies. A front end expert, he is most passionate about building clean, extensible code, using modern tools, incorporating design systems and a component driven approach, and providing content authors a rich and flexible experience.


Proven Leader

Experienced tech lead for Drupal 9 and WordPress with 10+ years Drupal experience

Trusted Architect

Architected numerous Drupal and WordPress solutions for the federal government and Fortune 500 companies

Acquia Certified

Drupal Developer, Front End Specialist and Sitebuilder certifications

Technical Skills, Platforms and Tools

  • Drupal 9, Layout Builder, Multilingual
  • Sass, Webpack, Gulp, JQuery, Pattern Lab, Composer, Git
  • USWDS / US Web Design System
  • Acquia BLT, Acquia Cloud, Pantheon, Terminus
  • Docker, Lando, Vagrant, Drupal VM
  • Travis CI, Jenkins
  • Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin

Project Highlights

Federal Government / Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Front End Lead

  • Front End Lead on a D7 to D9 rebuild
  • Responsible for all theming, content architecture, layout builder integration, most multilingual configuration
  • New theme using uswds_base. Tight coupling of custom block types and fields to Twig and Sass partials. Minimal code, high extensibility.
  • Heavy use of layout builder – all theming and content architecture set up to support this
  • Leverage full D9 multilingual capabilities. Built around TMGMT contrib module to accommodate internal translation review process

nVent Multisite


Front End Lead

  • Front End Lead on a large D8 site on Acquia Cloud Site Factory
  • Managed an international team of 10 Drupal and Front end developers
  • Delivered modern authoring experience leveraging the recently-released Layout Builder
  • Architected a component-driven theme using Pattern Lab

Belize Tourism Board

Tech Lead

  • Tech Lead on a major Drupal 8 revamp overseeing five front end developers
  • Took a component-driven approach on top of Paragraphs to leverage developers with no Drupal experience
  • Worked around limitations of existing content architecture while delivering new components, flexible landing pages, content types and an interactive map
  • Improved front end performance by optimizing assets, implementing lazy loading, and utilizing srcset attribute and the picture element
  • Implemented integrations with human and machine translation providers

Medicare Landing Pages

United Health Group

Tech Lead

  • Built a rapidly-deployable framework based on WordPress in order to build out three microsites to market health plans in advance of an open enrollment period
  • Deployed on Pantheon for easy scalability and set up a Lando local environment that closely mirrored production
  • Set up geotargeting to present different plans for different locations and integrated with UHC's internal customer service and CRM APIs
  • Created an interactive quiz to educate customers on Medicare coverage

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Front End Lead

  • Lead front end developer on Drupal 8 replatform for a major airport
  • Built out and themed a number of views and content types
  • Theme using Acquia Cog and modern front end build processes

Professional Experience

Freelance Consultant

Senior Software Engineer

2014-2016, 2020-Present

  • Solve problems for governments and businesses
  • Integrate with and/or lead client teams
  • Deliver clean, sustainable solutions on time and on budget from new builds to maintenance projects

ICF Next

Senior Software Engineer


  • Lead on-and-off shore teams across many new site builds, enhancement and maintenance projects
  • Design Drupal and WordPress starter site frameworks for consistency across projects and to foster rapid development
  • Update internal best practices and tooling
  • Train team members, screen and onboard contractors
  • Work directly with clients to advise them on and interpret their needs, and train them on solutions

Education and Certifications

University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts: History, Anthropology, Spanish


Acquia Certified Drupal 8: Developer, Front End Specialist, Sitebuilder

Interested in working with me? Reach out at chris {at}